How to write a cheque

How to Write a Cheque – Best and Safe Ways

How to write a cheque or how to fill a cheque this is what i am going to explain you with step by step instructions.

A cheque book is an important bank document which is used to make payments to the people or exchange funds between people\organisation.

A cheque book is issued by a bank to a valid account holder along with the welcome kit, when a new account is opened.

How to Write a Cheque

A cheque is a popular mode of banking transaction.

A cheque book usually contains 15,25 or 50 leaves depending on the bank.

How to Write a Cheque

Cheque books these days already have the important details, such as the name of the Bank, branch address, IFSC code, Account holder’s name and Account Number printed on each leaf. This has made filling out a cheque, even more convenient.

How to write a cheque

We have to follow the cheque correctly and we need to take care of certain points which I am going to discuss below before writing cheques to avoid fraud and other irrelevant issues.

  1. Confirm you want to take the money out from bank using cheque or you want to transfer the money from one account to another.
  2. Mention A/C payee and give two strikes on top left of cheque as shown in my video to directly send the money from one account to another and removing any possibility to withdraw money from the same cheque.
  3. Bearer cheque is the cheque to withdraw money an giving to the person whose name you will mention in the cheque after Pay.
  4. Write correct name or person\organisation, do not make any mistake
  5. Do not do any alterations or over-writing’s.
  6. Write the date of cheque correctly and the date which you will mention will be the start date meaning the cheque will be valid from that date till 3 months.
  7. Ensure amount you have written correctly in numbers and words.
  8. Do not leave any spaces after name of the person\organization you mentioned in the cheque neither writing the amount in words and numbers as shown in video.
  9. Signature should be as per bank records when you created the account first time.
  10. Do not do signature on the MICR code or on that line where its mentioned, always sign above the signature is written as shown in video.
  11. Do not fold or mark the cheque.
  12. Record all the details of the cheque issued.
  13. If you have given cancelled cheque to the people for loan or anything after your work is done ask them to return the cheque and destroy them.

In my video I am going to show how to write the cheque correctly. Please watch the complete video for proper understanding.

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