Use whistle to search your phone

Use whistle to search your phone

Using whistle to search your phone this is what i am going to show you with live demo.

Many times we forgot our phone in our house and we ask our family members to give us a call, however there might be situations if nobody is available to give us a call.

It’s a matter of seconds that we have to search our phone just by whistling and easily finding our lost phone.

whistle to search your phone

An mobile app is available which you have to install and run on the phone and by just whistle your phone will automatically ring and your will be able to find your phone easily.

You can do prank as well with family and friends who don’t know about this mobile app.

whistle to search your phone

Isn’t it great, in my video I am going to tell you how to install this mobile app and how to use it, I will give you a demo on this.

Note: There are many mobile apps doing the same things, you can choose anyone for this.

Please watch the complete video for proper understanding.

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