Which Domain and Web Hosting should I choose – Choosing best domain name

Today’s topic is in continuation from the discussion we started on how to build my online business, a question comes in our mind that which domain and web hosting should I choose or how to get a good domain name.


The main problem we face first is to choose the domain name then we go for web hosting, Now whatever domain name we want is taken by someone else. So I did lot of research in finding the good readable domain names for my own websites.

While searching google I found many good domain name generator websites, I found those not much helpful. However one website which I found was very much useful is namemesh.

I found this site very useful in finding SEO based names which are available to register.

Which Domain and Web Hosting should I choose for website - Choosing domain name

Now next problem comes to purchase domain name from which registrar, my personal experience is with GoDaddy and I am quite satisfied with the services and support.

Even I did compare the prices of best Domain name registrar companies and hosting providers basically top four sites, which you can find in below document.

I compared GoDaddy, HostGator, Bluehost and BigRock plans.

For hosting purposes also I did comparison with the prices which also you can find in above document.

Which Domain and Web Hosting should I choose for website - Choosing domain name

On personal level for my own website hosting purpose I used HostGator with unlimited baby plan which I found ok. However the performance of the sites you will not get except on cloud based servershosting.

Mainly because these web hosting sites provide shared hosting which is slow because many websites of different userscustomers are running on same server. Getting a dedicated server is costly which can be looked upon when your site is generating a lot of traffic.


Conclusion: I would advise you to get the cheapest plan if you are starting and make use of coupons if you are able to find on the internet. Although if we look in long term the prices are almost same as when you renew your domain they are not going to provide you any coupon and will charge high it’s the same for every company. So it’s better to purchase the domain name and website for minimum at least 1 years to save cost and looking long term profit.


Next video I am going to start building the ecommerce portal on WordPress and will continue the series.

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  1. I used to have GoDaddy hosting and I was pretty pleased with it. Until they switched my price from 12 euros per year to 120. Glad I canceled the renewal.

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