What is Webpage - Website - Web Server - Webhosting - Web Browser - Domain - Details - Explained - In Hindi

What is Webpage – Website – Web Server – Webhosting – Web Browser – Domain – Details – Explained – In Hindi

What is webpage, website, webserver, webhosting, webbrowser and domain this is what I am going to explain you in Hindi.

What is Webpage
A document which can be displayed in a web browser such as Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer or Edge, or Apple’s Safari. These are also often called “web pages” or just “pages.”

What is Website
A collection of web pages which are grouped together and usually connected together in various ways. Often called a website or simple a site or we can say as a website is a collection of linked web pages (plus their associated resources) that share a unique domain name.
To access a website, type its domain name\URL in your web browser address bar.

Web Browser
Web browser is a client, program, software or tool through which we sent HTTP\HTTPS request to web server.
The main purpose of web browser is to locate the content on the World Wide Web and display in the shape of web page, image, audio or video form.
Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera and Google Chrome are examples of web browser.

Web server or Webhost
A webserver is a computer hosting one or more websites.

What is Webhosting
Webhosting or Hosting means that all the web pages and their supporting files are available on that computer. The web server will send any web page from the website it is hosting to any user’s browser, per user request.

Main types of servers

1. Web Server or Frontend : As explained earlier hosts the page which we see on the web browser. This server is usually built by installing IIS on Windows server, Apache on Linux servers etc.

2. Application Server or middleware : Application residing on server for specific purpose, This can be anything built for specific purpose.

3. Database(DB) Server or Backend : Storing data in the form of tables, this can be of any types like Microsoft sql, MYSQL, IBM DB2, Oracle etc

Domain or Domain Name
Domain name is a unique name given to websites on the internet.

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