What is RSS Feed – How to use – Explained Easily

What is RSS Feed – How to use – Explained Easily

Today I am going to explain what is RSS feed and how to use it in layman language.

A lot of people like me go to sites on a daily basis and want to look for news, some entertainment, YouTube video of your famous channels, however every time I go to google and search for the website and then click on it to see the contents.

How about is there any way by which we can directly to go that website\software or any webpage or any mobile app where we can directly login and would be able to see the latest information or content updated.

what is RSS feed

To solve the above problem RSS came in picture, which has full form of Rich site summary or some call as Really simple syndication. It actually provides live updates to any webpage\software\mobile app which are meant to use this service.

I hope you would have seen the sign of RSS on many websites by which you would have configured the RSS feed for your email or any site which reads the RSS contents or I can say works as RSS Reader.

what is RSS feed

But what is actually RSS Feed : It’s the actual contents on the website or websites which we would like to see on a single page, suppose I would like to see latest contents for any famous person or I like any YouTube channel or any website for which I want the content as soon as it is published on it is delivered on my website\software\mobile app, these websites\mobile apps\software installed on your PC will be called as the RSS reader and they are reading the feeds which are updated on those websites which you have subscribed.

It’s a good way to become up to date for a particular technology, a person, news any entertainment channel or anything.

RSS Reader can be classified in many ways

Web-based Feed Readers :

You will get live feeds on websites, one of the website that can be used to read live feeds is “Feedly

Desktop Feed Readers :

On your desktop\laptop you can install the software and can easily access the feeds, one of the software which is available and popular is “FeedReader

Browser Built-In Feed Readers :

Firefox Live bookmarks, Opera, IE7 and Edge supports as feed readers

Email-Based Feed Readers :

Thunderbird, Google alerts, Outlook etc.

Mobile Feed Readers :

Feedly, Flipboard etc.

what is RSS feed

It’s a free technology and all should use this to avoid going to the sites directly and waste there internet data simple as that save your time.

In my video I am going to give brief introduction on what is RSS feed, how to configure it easily using some tools.

You can check my presentation also

To understand in simple way and in simple language in Hindi please check my video. Please watch the complete video for proper understanding.

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