What is IRDA-E-Insurance Account – eIA – Details – Explained – In Hindi

What is IRDA-E-Insurance Account – eIA – Details – Explained – In Hindi

What is IRDA-E-Insurance Account this is what I am going to explain you in Hindi in details.

eIA stands for “e-Insurance Account” or “Electronic Insurance Account”. This e-Insurance account gives policyholders access to their life insurance portfolio in a digital way.

Top Benefits:
1. No more physical documents storage
2. View and manage all your insurance policies with just single portal
3. Once KYC is done, no need to do KYC again and again for new insurance registration.
4. Changes in contact details in this portal will auto-update in all policies.
5. You can easily buy insurance if having einsurance account
6. Existing policies can be easily converted into digital format.
7. Renewal payment will be done online and alert would be sent for all eIA holders.
8. In case of the death of eIA account holder, authorized representative (nominee) appointed by the account holder can view all the policy information in a single view
9. And last but not the least it’s totally Free.

IRDA has granted the certificate of registration to act as Insurance repositories to only four below:

1. NSDL Database Management Limited (https://nir.ndml.in/)
2. Central Insurance Repository Limited (http://www.cirl.co.in/)
3. Karvy Insurance Repository Limited (http://www.kinrep.com/)
4. CAMS Repository Services Limited (http://www.camsrepository.com/)

How to Apply,
1. Fill the online application form
2. Take the printout of the application
3. Submit the printout of application along with KYC details to the nearest approved person (as shown in my video how to find out).

Please watch the complete video for proper understanding.

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