What is http and https - Details - Explained - In Hindi

What is http and https – Details – Explained – In Hindi

What is http and https this is what I am going to explain you in Hindi.

HTTP is Hyper Text Transfer protocol that is used in networking. Whenever basically you type a website in the browser, it is this protocol which by default listens at port 80 on server side and helps you to see the webpage on your machine.

HTTPS or Secure HTTP some may call it is a combination of Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) with SSL/TLS protocol. Now everything you communicate over HTTPS will be sent and received in encrypted form, which adds the element of safety.

As when a client makes a request to the server, the server responds by offering a list of encryption methods. When the client connects to a website via HTTPS, the website encrypts the session with a digital certificate.

Secure Sockets Layer or SSL uses a cryptographic system that encrypts data with two keys that is browser and server send each other unique codes which are used for encryption for rest of the talk.

HTTP                                                          HTTPS
URL begins with “http://”                      URL begins with “https://”
It uses port 80 for communication       It uses port 443 for communication
Unsecured                                                 Secured
Operates at Application Layer               Operates at Transport Layer
No encryption                                           Encryption is present
No certificates required                          Certificates required

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