What is Cloud Computing

What is Cloud Computing – Explained Easily

What is Cloud Computing this is what I am going to explain you in simple language.

Today a topic named as cloud is very popular among the technology industry, basically I am talking about cloud computing.

Before starting and telling you about the cloud computing I am going to discuss you first about the basics.
Some of things which is required to understand this topic are what is a computer what components make a computer, what is a server. What is a client-server architecture.

What is Cloud Computing

After explaining the above I am going to tell you about the basic things which is necessary for a cloud to work like what is a datacenter, hardware, software, application, user interface and IT infrastructure.

Now comes the term compute which is basically any resource required to build a server or any application to run, example RAM, CPU, Storage(Hard Disks), network(ports) etc.

What is Cloud in terms of cloud computing: Cloud is built by pooling of resources hosted over the internet or available over the internet so literally cloud is the internet in the same context that’s why it’s called Cloud Computing

In Cloud computing the resources are pooled and is distributed on given on the basis of demand.

What is Cloud Computing

Most famous companies in the field of cloud computing are Amazon with its product called AWS(Amazon web services), Microsoft with its product called Azure and Google with its product called Google cloud platform. Many other companies are there like rackspace, Verizon, HP, IBM, Alibaba, Oracle etc.

There are three types of cloud naming as private cloud which is datacenter located within the datacenter of company, public cloud resources used by the company is hosted on cloud computing company and hybrid cloud is the combination of both public and private meaning some resources of company is hosted in its own datacenter and some on the cloud computing company.

What is Cloud Computing

Cloud computing company service models

SAAS(Software as a service): example is like Gdrive, Gmail, OneDrive etc.

PAAS(Platform as a service): Platform provided by the cloud computing company so that we don’t have to purchase any license of application or database

IAAS(Infrastructure as a service): Only server is rented or purchased and application\database is installed by self (company’s IT administrator)

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