How to use outlook effectively – Tips and Tricks – Complete Tutorial – Live Demo

How to use outlook effectively – Tips and Tricks – Complete Tutorial – Live Demo

how to use outlook effectively, all tips and tricks with a complete tutorial this is what I am going to explain you in hindi by giving live demo.

The best email client officially is none other than Microsoft outlook whether you like or not. Years of research is paving the way for Microsoft and its tools to become more easier and providing many features releasing year after year on new versions.

Here without wasting time I am going to share what is exactly outlook and how it works. I will be sharing all the tips and tricks. All level understanding from basic to advance level.

Tips and Tricks of outlook

However you will have to bear with me and will have to watch all four videos completely to become a ninja of outlook any of the versions weather its outlook 2016, outlook 2013, outlook 2010 or legacy outlook 2007/2003.

As I have explained how to use outlook effectively and use approx. all of its features to make your life easier like never before.

So getting started by what is outlook here is the answer:

Outlook is an email client for example if I have to understand in layman terms if anybody has read client-server architecture than it would be easier to understand for them.

Outlook is an email client which received the emails from the server. Now the server can be exchange server, Gmail servers, yahoo servers meaning on which the emails are stored. Exchange servers are proprietary of Microsoft so in most of the industry at enterprise level exchange emails are used for official purposes.

However the outlook client is not restricted to get emails from exchange server it can also be used to get emails of approx. all email servers of google(Gmail), yahoo, zoho, Hotmail etc. any email server which allows POP(Post office protocol) or IMAP(Internet messaged access protocol) settings configuration on your mailbox.

Every email account which is opened on any email server is called mailbox on the email server.

Tips and Tricks of outlook

There are two types of files which are created while we use outlook.
OST(offline storage tables) and PST(Personal storage tables) file.

OST file is created as soon as you configure your mailbox with the client it’s an offline file, it stores all emails which are there on email server to your local computer on which outlook is installed.

Main usage is that if your outlook is not connected to internet than if already emails are downloaded previously on your outlook client you can read them edit them anything you can do in offline state except you cannot synchronise with email server as you are offline, however whenever you will come online and internet will be connected to outlook client you can do whatever you want.

PST file is an archive file which you can created yourself and can be copied to another location easily for backup purposes.

Its main use is to collect archived information meaning the email which you don’t want in your current inbox older than certain time period will go to Archive folder(PST file), however you can access your archive folder from outlook client and can password protect the PST file also which you will be able to see in the video.

If you want to check the video like how to configure Gmail on outlook client, you can see my video in Technology playlist


I would recommend if you could see the above video before proceeding with the other videos to understand what is outlook and how to use effectively.

From outlook client we can handle below main things easily:

1. Emails
2. Calendar
3. Contacts
4. Tasks
5. Notes

The points I have discussed in my four videos are as described below:

1. Keyboard shortcuts

Mostly used are mentioned below, learn them by heart 🙂

CTRL+A select all
CTRL+C to copy
CTRL+V to paste
CTRL+R reply to email
CTRL+G Go to particular date in calendar
CTRL+N to create a new message
CTRL+E jump directly to search box
ALT+R reply to all email
ALT+W forward email
CTRL+1 go to email section
CTRL+2 go to calendar section
CTRL+3 go to contacts section
CTRL+4 go to tasks section
CTRL+Shift+N to create new note
CTRL+ALT+R turn a message into a meeting


2. If you have copied anything on your desktop and you want to compose a new email from that copied text directly do CTRL+V on the outlook client screen which will compose a new email with that copied text.

3. FLAG the message simply by using Insert button on the particular email and removing flag by the same Insert button.

4. Junk\Ignore unwanted email by just right clicking the email and choosing Junk\Ignore as per required.

5. A new feature provided from windows 7 and works on approx. all tools is that right clicking the outlook icon in task bar, we can easily create a new message, note, appointment, meeting, task or contact.

6. We can define our signature and can save them along with choosing in the settings so that the signature would come on composing email or reply\forward emails.

7. We can change the themes of new outlook as per required by our loving aesthetics.

8. Another basic feature is email sorting which can be done easily by clicking the bar above emails, we can sort email by From, Received date, flags , attachment etc.

9. To is the person to whom email is meant to, CC means carbon copy and BCC is Blind carbon copy. From is from where the email has come.

10. In video I have shown how you can insert image in the email, attachments changing the font and size etc.

11. Export and Import of contacts.

12. How to change reading pane. (Even in another video I have explained like outlook how you can get reading pane in Gmail- for this you can check my below video in Technology Playlist on youtube)



13. How to categorise message and making of high\low\medium importance.

14. How to create appointment or meeting.

15. Ribbon shortcuts

16. Search folder usage and how to create it.

17. Save messages calendar items anything by just Drag and Drop or by using CTRL+C and then CTRL+V.

18. How to assign the tasks to someone.

19. Create rules and alerts.

20. Filtering the email and advance search like find email in related conversation

21. How to configure delivery receipt of email.

22. How to download only headers of emails.

23. How to setup Out of Office(OOO) or Vacation.

24. How to do Mailbox clean-up.

25. How to set particular email account in outlook client as default if you have more than one configured.

26. How to create PST or Archive file.

27. How to use voting buttons.

28. How to change email page color and type.

29. How to create distribution list in outlook.

30. How to create email template in outlook.

31. How to preview excel\word\ppt in email.

32. How to configure display email alert on desktop.

33. How to use quick step action in outlook.

34. How to open someone else shared calendar and see his schedule.

35. How to use quick parts in composing email.

36. How to delay the delivery of emails.

37. How to set two time zones in calendar.

38. How to encrypt emails.

39. How to send replies to emails from another account after giving delegation using From option.

40. How to create All Mail folder when confused which email is going into which folder basically when you messed with outlook rules.

41. How to add holidays of particular country in the calendar.

42. How to configure RSS feed in outlook and its usage.

43. How to force the person to do Reply to your required recipient.


Please watch all parts to have a clear understanding from basics to advance level of outlook for all versions like outlook 2007, outlook 2010, outlook 2013 and outlook 2016.

Please watch the complete videos all 4 parts for better understanding.

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