Should we start online store or not - Lets Discuss - Step by step - Part 1

Should we start online store or not – Lets Discuss – Step by step – Part 1

Today’s topic is slightly different and it’s from people demand basically we are going to discuss that Should we start online store or not.

I am going to explain about pros and cons on this topic and will guide you like how to start an online store easily. We are going to discuss from very basic and to the very advanced level.

online store

Our conversation will be divided in few points

Conversational Points

1. Why we need to open the online store or need?

2. Should I sell on marketplace like amazon, flipkart, snapdeal, paytm etc or should I open my own store ?

3. Which products should I sell ?

4. From where to purchase the products


Requirements to open online store
1. Registration of companyproprietorshipLLP etc (if possible create a brand on your name)
2. GST requirements
3. Domain name and hosting space
4. Platform to choose (Single Shop online store or Multi Shop Store)
Single shop from shopify or our own website
Dropship ?
5. Website development
6. ProductionPurchase
7. Warehouse
8. Marketing and Advertisement (Affiliate is best along with mouth to mouth advertisement, Social media marketing) Quality and Support

Next video I am going to compare the domain and hosting plans of various companies which will be part 2 and after that will start the creation of online store by own easiest way.

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