How to Secure Gmail Account from Hacking

How to Secure Gmail Account from Hacking

How to secure gmail account this is what I am going to explain you with all the methods available by google.

Gmail is the most popular email service in the world provided by google. Many people in the world uses the Gmail for personal purpose some for the business purpose.

However they don’t know that Gmail can be hacked easily by hackers and by the common mistakes of people by writing down there email accounts password on paper or having not so strong passwords which can be easily hacked by the hackers.

How to secure gmail account


I have seen many people they use simple passwords and don’t even try to change it often not even since they have created the accounts. You know that hacking cases are often comes in picture when person whose email account is hacked was irresponsible.

But all the above scenarios can be avoided as Gmail provides many features by which we can secure our accounts. The Gmail account is the same account which we use to login to YouTube or any google product so just securing this one account by the methods provided by the google will secure all the login to these websites.

In common terms if we say one google account for all.

Google is providing these security features free of cost, yes you are listening correctly free of cost but you need to setup against your account.

How to secure gmail account

The most important features in securing your account is the two step verification process which means configuring your account to get OTP(One time password) on your mobile to login without one time password you cannot login.

You can receive the OTP on mobile by SMS or by a voice call which you have to put after you have put your password.

How to secure gmail account

You can have some codes as a backup if you are having an issues with your mobile phone. Many methods are there to get OTP code for your login which I am going to discuss in my video.

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