SBI Buddy App

How to use SBI Buddy App – Complete Tutorial

How to use SBI Buddy App, this is what i am going to explain you step by step with a live demo.

After demonetization the mobile wallet business is expanding on a very high rate, even the big players like paytm, mobikwik, freecharge and oxigen wallet are using this situation to expand their presence.
All these mobile wallet players are private.

Currently the services provided by the digital wallet players are very good and fast however as people use these private players but they do not use the mobile wallets provided by the public sector banks like state bank of India provides buddy app etc., chillr supported by many bank.

SBI Buddy App

But people don’t use the apps provided by public sector as we have seen the issues associated with these mobile apps the main one of them is the maintenance is very poor.

Sometimes the updates comes for these mobile app and your app soon crashes very often and it’s like hell when you are trying to do the payment.

This kind of issue I have faced not only with PSU mobile wallet apps but also with private players mobile apps.

I am not here to discuss about the issues but I would like to highlight that we have one mobile app of India’s largest public sector bank i.e. state bank of India which is called SBI Buddy App.

SBI Buddy App

This app I found very useful you know why approximately all of the people of India would be having at least one account in SBI, trust me on this and if you use this SBI Buddy app its very useful to you at least doing mobile recharges and sending and receiving money even this app can be used to pay money to the shop owners to purchase the things but the private players are smart and are doing marketing extensively to reach many people in India, they also have reached but you know the money which you add to the private players in their mobile wallet is like you are providing interest to them.

Don’t you think it would be better if you could use our PSU supported mobile app to do all the things which you get in the private mobile wallets and SBI is a very large player in finance industry in India and even you know many of the shopping sites now provides discounts if you purchase the things with using sbi credit and debit cards which will soon follow the things and you will get big discounts in near future to use the SBI buddy wallet.

SBI Buddy App

The main reason to get big discounts is the reach of SBI to every individual in our country by bank accounts and the revenue they generate at a very high scale from the country.

And if you compare the private players are supported by the venture capitalists and angel investors till the time they are getting money from them they are there and providing discounts but after certain period when the money will disappear they will not provide a discount of single penny, a perfect example in this case is paytm, we used to see big discounts earlier when we used this paytm app but as time progressed and they have gathered the audience to reach the people they are not giving that much discounts on recharges now the discount you will see as 1%, but in other fields like ticket booking and flight booking etc. the field s which they are adding have discounts because they want their business to be expanded on this part as well, which will also replenish after sometime. Just don’t wanted to hurt the sentiments of these players this is my thought which I was sharing.

SBI Buddy App

It’s better to use UPI which is near future as you will transfer the money from your bank account to anybody bank account directly without losing your interest which you get on your bank account instead of using the private mobile wallet players.

However SBI buddy app is also from public sector bank and we can trust easily better that private mobile wallet players. It provides all the services which you will get from other mobile wallet operators and have the same way to use as others. Even you can use the SBI buddy app in different 13 languages used in India.

SBI Buddy App

In my video I am going to show you how to install and use the SBI buddy app.

Please watch the complete video for proper understanding.

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