Recommended Tools & Resources

I am sharing the list of resources that I recommend and personally use to manage my website.

Disclaimer: I have partnered with some of the companies to provide you extra discounts that you may not find easily. I may also receive some commission income from my partners. But be assured, I do not recommend anything that is not useful for you.

For Starting A Website or Blog

Domain Name

I started buying domains with Godaddy however there support is not good at all. I have had several instances on that. However i even did comparison between sites to buy a domain name and hosting later i found that you can purchase domain name from any of the site it does not matter. The price is almost the same when you go for renewal. You can go for Bigrock to buy the domain name as sometimes there discounts are equally good that of godaddy however the support is good.

Website Hosting

I have used Hostgator for my website hosting initial days and found it to be very good. The support they are providing is also very nice. Later on i moved my site to Google Cloud Platform as my professional work is related to servers only, So i created my server installed the wordpress and migrated my site to GCP.(Its not easy for a beginner.

However to start the things i would personally recommend Hostgator, you can easily work with it without worrying for anything.

Professional Email

I am using GSuite for professional email services. They have a very good services and support 24×7. For my other ventures also i am using Gsuite alone. This product is of Google company and you can imagine that you are getting an email account with your domain name easily from GSuite.

You will also get many features along with this, they have very good plans and you can choose it from Basic or Business plans. You also have option to have it by number of users with Monthly payment or Annual payment option.

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Office Suite

I am using Microsoft Office 2016 paid version. I am not using any cracked version software and i recommend you to also to avoid it better to stay away from virus or malware attacks. This MS Office Product is a complete suit of all products which you need on daily basis like excel, word, powerpoint but also it has skype for calling and OneNote my favourite tool to keep track of things.

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Recommended Books

Reading books keep you motivated more than watching a movie or listening a story. It makes impact direct inside you.

Following are the list of books which will keep you motivated and will open your mind to think differently.

Take a challenge to read all these books in next 3 months.