reduce body weight

Reduce Body Weight Using Mobile App

How to reduce body weight using mobile app this is what I am going to explain you in Hindi.

Today as the life is very fast it’s very hard to keep us fit, we don’t have any physical activity like we used to do before, as all the jobs are as all the jobs are getting computerized and we are now doing world either from our laptop or from our mobile.

reduce body weight

Main issue due to this lowering the physical activity is the degradation of our health and nobody is taking it seriously due to which you would have seen the children’s even now which are taking birth are prone to high sugar levels as their parents does not have physical activity and they are having too high BP and sugar problems.

The main reason of this no physical activity is we don’t have time to do at least a 30 mins exercise, we are usually on daily basis just eating, sleeping, going to office\work and then again eating, sleeping.

reduce body weight

Today we don’t have any motivation neither we have friends who could accompany us along to gym or a walk as they too are bonded to their super tight schedule.

But we will have to take care of our health and should manage our daily routine as health is wealth and if health is not there what will you do with your wealth.

reduce body weight

I was going through the play store and find out one app which can motivate us on daily basis and we can set small schedule of us to exercise on daily basis, even it also provides a list of exercise the which you are comfortable to do you can do and keep your self fit.

I have thoroughly explained regarding the mobile app in my video.

Please watch the complete video for proper understanding.

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