What is Policy Paralysis

What is Policy Paralysis

What is Policy Paralysis this is what I am going to explain you in simple terms.

A lot of people would have listen about policy paralysis in news and many be in newspapers however many people are not aware about this what actually it is and how it’s affecting the economy of the country.

Indeed this is very much affecting us and our country, can’t we deal with it yes we only can deal with this and the willingness of our country politicians.

What is Policy Paralysis

What is policy paralysis Inability to move or do something, meaning already policy or rules are in place or may become applicable in future but politicians or the person who has to move them or apply them does not perform the relevant changes due to many reasons. 

We can see many effects of its main causes are corruption and economy slowness or going down. However this can resolved if we take measures which are on the right direction and with right mindset.

What is Policy Paralysis

In my video I am going to tell you what is policy paralysis in simple terms or in the language which is easily understandable, what are its effects or causes, the resolution to it.

Also I will represent some meaningful data which we can see and compare the things with time and with another major superpower china.

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Please watch the complete video for proper understanding.

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