Password Protect Word Document

Password protect word document – Live Demo – In Hindi

Password protect word document this I am going to show you live demo about and explain you in Hindi.

Everybody is using word document now in day to day life, for reporting, document creation, creating good formatted text.

The features which Microsoft word gives cannot be provided by notepad and that’s why we can say today that Microsoft word is a big brother to notepad.

Password Protect Word Document

There are tons of ways to write the document get it revised, checked and publish it in Microsoft word.

In today’s world security is very important and to secure the things written by yourself like passwords any personal information accounting information of any company etc.

Most of the official runbooks, documentation of any product, your resume\CV is now written in word. It’s always better to protect the Microsoft word document and Microsoft in this way has provided with such an easy option to protect word document.

Password Protect Word Document

We can have many questions in mind like How do I password protect a Word document in Windows 10? or How do I password protect a document?

To password protect the Microsoft word document and other things first we will have to understand how the word document protection works.

There are two types of protection I would say:

1. Password protecting the complete document.
2. Protecting the structure of the document

Let me explain here in simple terms

1. Password protecting the complete document means that protecting the document like if its password protected and if anybody tries to open it require a password to open the word document.
2. Protecting the structure means nobody can mess with the structure of the word document i.e. formatting, styles etc. However we can provide exceptions and can give only certain domain users which can do it others cannot do the change in the document.

In the video we will show you how to do all the above things and which solves a problem that How do you password protect a Word document? As these features are inbuild from Microsoft so we don’t have to rely on any third party tools.

Even if you copy the protected document the protection will always be there.


1. Use latest version of Microsoft word if the document is in old word format for example in .doc change the document by save as option to latest .docx whatever is supported by your pc.
2. Always use complex password to protect the documents
3. Always store file in some encrypted drive for better overall protection.

To protect an excel document you can also check our post.

Please watch the complete video for better understanding.

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