Password protect excel file or document – Live Demo – Explained – In Hindi

Password protect excel file or document – Live Demo – Explained – In Hindi

Password protect excel file or document this is what I am going to show you live demo and explain in Hindi

Everybody in today’s world use a computer. I don’t think nobody in this world who uses a computer on daily basis would not have used the Microsoft excel any version.

If you have used the excel you would probably be knowing how to password protect a Microsoft excel document, if you are not aware we are here for you.

Password protect excel file

In today’s world security is very important and to secure the things written by yourself like passwords any personal information accounting information of any company etc.

Most of the calculations are now done on Microsoft excel and its always preferred if the data is confidential we should password protect excel file or we can say document.

Now question arises “How do I protect a excel spreadsheet with a password?” To password protect the Microsoft excel document and other things first we will have to understand how the excel document is divided in terms of sheet and workbook\document.

Password protect excel file

There are three types of protection I would say:

1. Password protecting the complete document.
2. Protecting the sheet  or (How do you make an Excel spreadsheet read only?)
3. Protecting the workbook.

Let me explain here in simple terms

1. Password protecting the complete document means that protecting the document like if its password protected and if anybody tries to open it require a password to open the excel document. This gives the answer for How do you lock an Excel file?
2. Protecting the sheet means nobody can mess with the sheet, like a particular sheet in the document you want nobody can change anything except they would be having just read only access. However we can provide access feature wise like giving access to insert\delete rows or columns etc.
3. Protecting the workbook means like if you protect the workbook with password nobody can mess with the structure of the workbook\document, for example adding a new sheet, deleting, moving or copying the sheet.

we will show you how to do all the above things and secure your excel document.

As these features are inbuilt from Microsoft so we don’t have to rely on any third party tools.

Even if you copy the protected document the protection will always be there.


1. Use latest version of excel if the document is in old excel format for example in .xls change the document by save as option to latest .xlsx whatever is supported by your pc.
2. Always use complex password to protect the documents
3. Always store file in some encrypted drive for better overall protection.

We have another tutorial to protect the word documents or file easily.

Please watch the complete video for better understanding.

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