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How to run gmail on outlook – In Hindi

How to do outlook gmail configuration easily this is what I am going to show you with live demo and explain you in simple way.

Almost every second person in the world will be having a Gmail account suing for email purpose. Many or approximately all the people in the world use Gmail directly from the web browser itself.

People are not aware that they can use the Gmail account with any third party email clients so that they can enjoy many great features provided by these third party email clients.

Outlook Gmail Configuration

Email clients can be any one like thunderbird, Microsoft outlook etc. A small configuration change is required in you Gmail settings and you can utilise the features provided by the third party client.

Here in my video I am going to tell you about how to configure outlook email client with Gmail. As name suggests the outlook client comes with Microsoft office is available on all windows pc if any person uses Microsoft excel, word or PowerPoint.

Features of Microsoft outlook client are also very superior and is far more ahead than any other third party email clients.

Before starting the configuration you will have to understand two basic things which are POP and IMAP.

Outlook Gmail Configuration

These are basically two protocols by which you can configure the email client with Gmail or any other email which you want like yahoo, Hotmail, zimbra etc.

POP (Post office protocol)

Its main feature is that it just sends the email whichever is coming in your web email to email client and if you delete any email in outlook client that email will not be deleted in your web email, you will have to manually delete the email in your web email i.e. no synchronization of emails from email client to web email, however reverse happens from web email to email client.

IMAP (Internet message access protocol)

This is far more ahead than POP protocol, what it does is actually not only synchronization from web email to email client but it does reverse sync as well. For example if you delete any email in email client it will also sync and the email will be deleted in web email as well.

I would request you to please watch the video completely to better understand how to configure outlook client with Gmail or I can say how to run Gmail on outlook client.

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