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Open Government Data (OGD) Platform India – Explained – In Hindi

Open Government Data(OGD) Platform India this is what I am going to explain you in Hindi

As part of NDSAP(National Data Sharing and Accessibility Policy) policy Indian government created a portal known as proactive and open access to the data generated by various Government of India entities.

Open Government Data


The objective of this policy is to facilitate access to Government of India owned shareable data (along with its usage information) in machine readable form through a wide area network all over the country in a periodically up-datable manner, within the framework of various related policies, acts and rules of Government of India, thereby permitting a wider accessibility and usage by public.

Main Website of Open Government Data

This policy NDSAP will apply to all data and information created, generated, collected and archived using public funds provided by Government of India directly or through authorized agencies by various Ministries/Departments/Organizations/Agencies and Autonomous bodies.

As per NDSAP, every Department has to identify datasets by the following categories:

Negative List: The datasets, which are confidential in nature and would compromise to the county’s security if made public, are put into this list. The datasets which contain personal information are also included in this list.

Open List: This list comprises of datasets which don’t fall under negative list. These datasets shall be prioritized into high value datasets and non-high values datasets.

National Informatics Center(NIC) has created the portal.

Data is available in various formats some of them are mentioned below:

• CSV (Comma separated values)
• XLS (Spread sheet – Excel)
• ODS/OTS (Open Document Formats for Spreadsheets)
• XML (Extensive Markup Language)
• RDF (Resources Description Framework)
• KML (Keyhole Markup Language used for Maps)
• GML (Geography Markup Language)
• RSS/ATOM (Fast changing data e.g. hourly/daily)

Disclaimer: Above data has been taken from government website for informative and education purposes.

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