National Health Portal

National Health Portal – NHP – Explained – Complete Details

What is National Health Portal of India this is what I am going to take you through and explain the benefits of it along with complete details.

National Health portal has been created by our government of India which aims to establish a single point for authenticated health information for Indian citizens, students, healthcare professionals and researchers.

Users can get detailed information pertaining to health related issues. Users can find information related to various diseases, health services, tips for healthy living, health programmes, insurance schemes, health app and widgets. Users can also get helpline numbers, blood banks details, etc.

National Health Portal

Health Portal Website

Main features

NHP Swasth Bharat (Mobile App is available)

This mobile app is providing the information related to diseases, there symptoms and how to cure them. This is same information which you will get on national health portal website.


There is site and mobile app is available which you can use it to track your health and can set targets like if you want to control blood sugar or to lose weight etc.
Even this app provides free of cost advice they have a care team, you can chat with them anytime freely. You have to input your data on daily basis and after doing that they will give you the call to provide you nutritional plan which you have to take to lose your weight or control blood sugar.

National Health Portal

Pradhan Mantri Surakshit Matritva Abhiyan(PMSMA)

The main aim of this abhiyan is to provide free antenatal check-ups for pregnant women with participation of private doctors(Obstetrician/Radiologist/Physician) at government health facilities on 9th of every month. Even doctors around the country from private hospitals can volunteer themselves for the ANC services. Mobile app is also available for this where doctors can register voluntary.


This is a program for people who would like to quit tobacco. Here you will find tips to quit tobacco.

MyHospital(Mera Aspataal)

Here you can give feedback for the hospitals if they have not treated you well or about anything.


This is a mobile app which will help you to reduce stress by providing guidance and ways to reduce it.

National Health Portal


This is a mobile app through which you will get information related to dengue, its symptons, nearest hospital and blood bank information and many more.

NHP Indradhanush-Immunization

NHP Indradhanush facilitates young parents in tracking the immunization of their children. The app takes away pressure of having to remember life critical information amidst juggling work and home for the parents.

NHP Voice Web

National Health Helpline Toll free Number: 1800-180-1104


Details about hospitals where blood is available of which blood group and how much quantity.

National Health Portal

National List of Essential Medicines(2015)

It’s a list of medicines for which price cannot be increased and government keep track of it.

There are many things on the portal which I cannot write I will go through you to the site.

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