Multiple Accounts in Android

Multiple Accounts in Android

How to install single app two times or having multiple accounts in android mobile this is what I am going to explain you step by step

As we have seen that most of the mobiles which are now coming to the market have dual sim, so that people can use two mobile numbers at the same time.

However there are people who would have lived in two cites and would be having two numbers or any situation like that they use dual sim mobiles, and there may be a situation that people would have used two WhatsApp accounts, Instagram or may be using two Facebook accounts, it can be any reason may be a personal or may be an official.

multiple accounts in android

Generally a mobile phone allows only one WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook account or any other app to be set up on the mobile, however we have solution for this problem.

You can run multiple WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook , snapchat or any other application on your mobile using a mobile app, which makes our work easier.
Not only to this you can password protect your second WhatsApp, Instagram, snapchat, Facebook or any other account so that people may not be able to use or see it.

multiple accounts in android

You can make your other accounts a secret using password, if you don’t want it to be secret you can create shortcut of your secondary accounts and using it directly from mobile.

We will be talking about parallel app which is free to use and you can easily create multiple accounts in android, basically a shadow account.

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