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Mobile Seva Appstore – mAppStore – Details – Explained – In Hindi

Mobile Seva Appstore or mAppStore this is what I am going to explain you in Hindi in simple terms

Mobile seva appstore is a store for all mobile apps related to government basically its a free app store. Not only central government but also state governments are posting their mobile apps in this portal.

Here you can easily search for any service\scheme provided by the government has mobile app or not. From this mobile app store you will get direct download link for the mobile apps from this site.

Not only governments some other people like private mobile app creators have also published there apps here.

Mobile Seva Appstore

It’s basically a one stop store for all government related mobile apps of all platforms.

A Mobile Applications Store (m-AppStore) has been created to facilitate the process of development and deployment of suitable mobile applications for delivery of public services through mobile devices.

Mobile Seva Appstore Website

Before downloading any mobile app you will have to do simple registration in which you will have to mention email address, username to be created, password, mobile number and state information. After filling the details you will get verification code which you will have to put on the screen and click on submit. Now you are registered in the portal.

After registration you will get APK files(For Android Apps, for iPhone you will be redirected to apple store directly) to download of any mobile app which you can copy on your phone and can easily and use.

mobile seva appstore


Even for some Android apps you will be directed to android store for download.You can write a review for the mobile apps if you like it or not.

Currently the mobile apps are available for following fields:

  • Agriculture
  • Electoral
  • Health
  • Indian+Post
  • Judiciary
  • Language
  • M-Learning
  • Municipal+Corporation
  • Others
  • Social
  • Transport

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