mobikwik wallet

How to use Mobikwik Wallet Efficiently

How to use mobikwik wallet efficiently, both for shop owner(merchant) and customer this is what I am going to show you with step by step instructions.

Today in the digital world everything is going digital, either you call it bank accounts, magazines, newspapers, even payment types.

Previously we used to use the normal wallet\purse in our pockets, but nowadays that part of payment has also gone miles ahead and have become digital.

You can make payment easily by just a single click to anybody from mobile or you can purchase the things without going outside shop by just checking mobile and clicking on your favourite products.

mobikwik wallet

Many companies have created there mobile wallet which they are telling users to use while doing any transaction from shopping to payment. This is future hassle-free easy to use in just one click you can do anything from transfer money, to mobile recharge, shopping etc.

This provides easy accessibility to your cash in form of digital currently. No need to worry about handling cash through your physical wallet\purse.

Use mobile wallets. Instead of carrying credit cards or cash use mobile wallet and do transactions in seconds no need to look for a change in your pocket.

mobikwik wallet

Today in the market many mobile companies are providing mobile wallet but the most popular and easy to use are currently are paytm, freecharge and mobikwik. Other companies are oxigen wallet, chillr etc.

In my video I am going to tell you about what is mobikwik and how to use mobikwik wallet from mobile recharge to transfer money from one mobile to another, transfer your mobikwik money to your bank account and how a seller or a shop owner can use mobikwik to accept the payments from customers easily instead of using credit card machines.

mobikwik wallet

You will find it easy to use either you are using it as a mobile wallet customer or as a shop owner or seller.

Facility to use by shop owner to accept money as merchants has been recently introduced by Mobikwik. Even along with new version of mobikwik wallet a lighter version to counter paytm.

Register as merchant on mobikwik

Please watch the complete video for proper understanding.

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