Microsoft Edge Tips and Tricks

Microsoft edge tips and tricks – Explained – In Hindi

Microsoft edge tips and tricks this is what I am going to show you live demo and explain you in Hindi

Today everybody is using a browser to surf the internet weather it’s a Firefox, chrome, safari, opera or Internet explorer.

When Microsoft released the windows 8 and above, the concept to use the windows was changed along with the browser which they created with a new interface named Edge.

Microsoft Edge Tips and Tricks

This edge browser looked like similar to internet explorer 10, but this edge was definitely having the edge over other browsers in terms of loading or starting, it was starting so quickly with approx. same speed of google chrome.

However there were certain points in which it was lacking with other browsers like in extensions which chrome and Firefox provide ability to integrate third party extensions with them is one of the example.

However when Microsoft released windows 10 anniversary update they provided the features comparable with other browsers also which we will discuss.

Microsoft Edge Tips and Tricks

So please watch my complete video to understand all features provided by Microsoft edge browser and use it to make your life easier as still in many enterprises the edge browser is used for security purposes and they avoid any other browsers from security perspective.

Microsoft Edge Features to be discussed

1. Webpage sharing
2. Reading view
3. Reading list
4. Annotations
5. Change themes
6. Extensions
7. Change Default search engine
8. Import bookmarks and favourites from other browsers
9. Add a website to start menu
10. Disable default flash in browser
11. Caret browsing
12. Disable popups easily by a single button
13. Show the favourite bar
14. How to open a website in internet explorer from edge browser itself
15. Keyboard shortcuts

Open New Tab – CTRL+T
Open History – CTRL+H
Shift Between Tabs – CTRL+TAB
Open Favourite’s – CTRL+I
Duplicate Tab – CTRL+K
Open InPrivate Window – CTRL+SHIFT+P
Access Reading View – CTRL+SHIFT+R
Cancel loading page – ESC
Caret browsing – F7

Please watch the complete video for better understanding.

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