Make google chrome faster

Make google chrome faster – With proof – Live Demo – Explained

Here I will talk about how to make google chrome faster with live demo and will give you proof about it.

There are many ways to increase the speed and I hope you guys have seen many videos in this regard and websites. However the way i will let you know to make google chrome faster is the easiest and simple one.

Those sites tell us that do this setting do this and change flags which I think it’s not necessary. You don’t have to change anything in flags as those are set by the developers and is provided for them to test the websites and even the developers of google company to test various things.

Make google chrome faster

However the main problem is still there that how do I increase my google chrome speed or how to make my google chrome run faster.
The best way is to disable running ads on the website as ads are main problems and they load on the website make slower load time.

To resolve the issue install adblock plugin so that it can disable the ads on the website which you open, however we have another solution which can be incorporated with this.

Make google chrome faster

Datasaver which is an extension provided by google itself not only saves the data which we download. But also by optimizing the downloaded data and by increasing speed resulting in website load faster like never before.

The above solutions which I have gone through are safe and can be done easily without any change in chrome settings etc.

Steps how to do and the comparison data which I have received during this testing is shown below:

Before After
1.96sec 1.51sec  Wikipedia test results
10.3sec 7.79sec  Yahoo test results
10.3sec 8.55sec  Times of India test results
11sec    5.23sec  BBC results
2.34sec 3.15sec  My youtube channel

You can clearly see that its very easy to make my chrome speed amazingly fast like a Ferrari.

Please watch the complete video for better understanding.

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