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18 Mind Blowing Keyboard Shortcuts that every computer user must know

Today I will show you 19 mind blowing keyboard shortcuts that every computer user must know.

From my earlier video you would have gained knowledge about the keyboard shortcuts which are very useful in day to day life.
However continuing from my last video I will today show you proper use of “Window Key combinations” today.

There are so many hidden keyboard shortcuts that you can use on Windows that you should be using. Some of these are hidden secret keyboard shortcut tricks that you need to know that you probably didn’t know about earlier.

Window Key Combinations and Shortcuts

Window + D = Minimize all windows
Window + CTRL + D = Create Virtual desktop
Window + CTRL + Left\Right Arrow Key = Move between desktops
Window + CTRL + F4 = Close Desktop
Window + TAB = All View
Windows + 1,2,3… = Taskbar Navigation
Window + Left\Right Arrow Key = Split Screen between two apps
Window + E = Open File Explorer
Window + (+/-) = Use Magnifier
Window + Shift + S = Take Screenshot
Window + A = Use Action Center
Window + I = Access Settings
Window + L = Lock your PC
Window + Arrow Keys = Resize Active Window
Window + P = Presentation Display Mode
Window + R = Run Mode
Window + ALT + D = Open Date\Time Window
Window + X = Open Shortcut Menu

All Windows Shortcut Keys Link

Let me show you demo of each feature specified above.

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