Keyboard Shortcut Keys

Become Keyboard Guru – Master these 23 Keyboard Shortcut Keys

Today we will show you 23 keyboard shortcut keys which are very useful in daily life work and will make your life super easy.

There are so many hidden keyboard shortcuts that you can use on Windows that you should be using. Some of these are hidden secret keyboard shortcut tricks that you need to know that you probably didn’t know about earlier.

Keyboard Shortcut Keys

Common Shortcuts

Shutdown Computer (ALT + F4 + Enter)

Close Any Program\File (ALT + F4)

Minimize All Windows (WINDOWS + D)

Open Task Manager (CTRL + SHIFT + ESC)

Display Shortcut Menu for Item (SHIFT + F10)

Switch Between Windows (ALT + TAB)

Alt Key magic


Browser Shortcuts

Open New Browser Tab (CTRL + T)

Browse History (CTRL + H)

Delete History (CTRL + SHIFT + DELETE)

Incognito Mode (CTRL + SHIFT +N)

See Downloads (CTRL + J)

Make Bookmark (CTRL + D)

Open Website in New Tab (CTRL + CLICK)

Recover Last Closed Website (CTRL + SHIFT + T)


File Level Shortcuts

Open New File (CTRL + N)

Save File (CTRL + S)

Select All Text (CTRL + A)

Select Specific Text (SHIFT + ARROW KEYS)

Copy (CTRL + C)

Paste (CTRL + V)

Undo (CTRL + Z)

Redo (CTRL + Y)

Search (CTRL + F)


All Windows Shortcut Keys Link

Let me show you demo of each feature specified above.

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