How to Invest in Mutual Funds Online

How to Invest in Mutual Funds Online – PayTM Money

Today I am going to show you how to invest in mutual funds online, its very easy and in click on mobile you can do it.

There are many websites and many ways to invests in mutual funds however recently i went through one app which is owned by none other than PayTM known as PayTM Money.

Using PayTM Money App you can invest directly in mutual funds using SIP or by investing lumpsum amount without even submitting any physical documents.

how to invest in mutual funds online

The best part is that investing using PayTM Money is free of cost and there is no transaction costs.

Some Important Advantages of using PayTM Money

  • Zero Commissions – Pay no commissions or any charges on buying and selling of mutual fund schemes.
  • Paperless Investing – Open your ​investment ​account ​online with fully digital KYC within 30 minutes.
  • Automate Investments – Enjoy the convenience of one-tap investments by setting up auto-pay – a one-time mandate to automate investments in SIP & Lumpsum mode.
  • Insta-Redemption Schemes – Earn more than savings bank interest of 3.5% p.a. Manage your money smartly, invest in insta-redemption (liquid) funds & enjoy easy instant withdrawal without any penalty.
  • Save Income Tax – Invest in equity linked savings schemes (ELSS) to save tax & get higher returns than other tax saving options like PPF, Fixed Deposits, Insurance linked plans, etc.
  • All Types of Mutual Fund Schemes – Invest in any category of mutual funds to achieve your short-term and long-term goals

Large cap
ELSS Tax Saving
Liquid funds

  • Latest Fund Ratings – Discover Mutual Fund scheme ratings offered by credible agencies like Value Research, MorningStar & CRISIL for smart investment decisions.
  • Returns Calculator – Make an informed choice with returns calculator to arrive at expected returns basis the scheme, amount you choose to invest & the time-horizon
  • Anytime Statements for FREE – For a detailed and simplified view of your portfolio, request statements anytime for a specific time-range or financial year to your email.

Let me show you demo about the app and will go through on how i am investing in the funds using this.

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  1. Mutual funds arose an alternative to investment in equity because most investors neither had the time nor the acumen to monitor stock trends or be updated with the latest financial news to keep their investments optimum.

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