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How to use Inbox by Google – Best Web Interface for Gmail

How to use Inbox by Google this is what i am going to show you with step by step instructions in easy way with a live demo.

Today every second person has a Gmail account which they used it for emails. However many people are not aware about Inbox which is also email solution or we can say a smart interface by google provided to give more features better than Gmail.

Inbox by Google

Your email inbox should help you live and work better this is what Inbox does , built by the Gmail team, keeps things organized and helps you get back to what matters.

Made by the same people who work on Gmail, Inbox serves as a “completely different type of inbox, designed to focus on what really matters.

Inbox by Google

Many features are there which you will see and find the surprise that why I was not aware about these.

Earlier when Inbox was not officially released it was provided to use as an testing feature and was available only via invitation. Even I am using inbox earlier than it was officially launched in 2014 by sending email to Gmail support to give me permission to use the Inbox.

How to use Inbox by Gmail - What it is - How it works - In Hindi

Main features if Inbox is to highlight the things, doing bundling of similar email messages and keeping the important ones on top, Remainders, snoozing the email, its smart search are also important features.

It works with Gmail and you can use Gmail alongside with inbox if you want, if you don’t like Inbox.

However my suggestion is to try the inbox for at least a month and you will see it’s a time saver.

Inbox by Google

In my video I am going to show you how to use inbox on desktop and mobile, for more tips and tricks and time saving features of Inbox I am going to create a new video which will only be dedicated to the tips and tricks of inbox by Gmail or we can ultimately say google.

Please watch the complete video for proper understanding.

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