Ecommerce store important settings in wordpress

Ecommerce store important settings in wordpress – Last Part

Today’s video is in continuation from the last one in which we installed the theme and some settings with plugins, however today we are going to see the final set of ecommerce store settings on WordPress.

WordPress literally provides the flexibility to create any type of website and even ecommerce store. As it has largest open community, its getting updates on regular basis, so adding functionality day by day.

Ecommerce store
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Th main example is ecommerce store which we are building although it can be a herculean task however we have make it very easy.

Activities which we are going to perform today are as below

  1. Default installation of WordPress (I have already discussed the domain and hosting part in a separate video).
  2. Installation of Storefront theme (Completed in last video)
  3. Installation of woocommerce (Completed in last video)
  4. Cleanup of unwanted things in wordpress (Completed in last video)
  5. Configuration of basic settings of woocommerce (Completed in last video)
  6. Adding simple product (Completed in last video)
  7. Adding a variable product (Completed in last video)
  8. Configuration of accepting payments using paypal (Completed in last video)
  9. Making pages fullwidth wherever necessary.(Completed in last video)
  10. Customizing sidebar\Removing it.(Completed in last video)
  11. Add woocommerce widgets to sidebar.(Completed in last video)
  12. Adding custom widget in sidebar.(Completed in last video)
  13. Managing menu for ecommerce store.(Completed in last video)
  14. Setting contact us page.(Completed in last video)
  15. Adding Gallery on website.(Completed in last video)
  16. Adding social media buttons.(Completed in last video)
  17. Insert Logo.(Completed in last video)
  18. Setting up homepage.(Completed in last video)
  19. Adding images to category.(Completed in last video)
  20. Change colour of header and other settings to make site attractive.
  21. Setting up taxes
  22. Setting up upselling, cross selling and grouping of products.
  23. Setting up shipping
  24. Setting up coupons

You will be amazed by checking all my videos that it’s very easy to create an ecommerce store.

Ecommerce store
Tumisu / Pixabay

So let’s get started.

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