I-Made – Innovation in Mobile App Development Ecosystem-Students-Make Your Own App

I-Made Innovation in Mobile App Development Ecosystem, students make your own app easily and absolutely free this is what I am going to explain you in Hindi

I-MADE is a program established in collaboration with GOI(Government of India) and DOT(Department of telecommunications).

Main Objective

The goal of the I-MADE program is to help Indian colleges digitize their resources and processes to derive better student engagement and help facilitate information access to students on the go. It is also designed to provide students training on different aspects of mobile app development in order to encourage entrepreneurship with a goal of building 1 million mobile app start-ups some of which can eventually become Indian unicorns.


The I-MADE program substantially relieves the financial pressure from developing a mobile solution for students, faculty, and staff. The program will cover software licensing, hosting and support costs of the mobile app development platform, for selected participating institutes spread over 5 years.

Through the I-MADE Platform, you will be getting the following licenses and functionality funded by the I-MADE Program:

  1. Allows you to make your own apps, manage or edit and test those apps
  2. Access to App Exchange: Share and access Apps with other institutions
  3. Implementation of your institution’s mobile apps with custom branding
  4. The I-MADE Platform apps will be hosted on Amazon Web Services
  5. I-MADE Platform will provide Mobile Support for any issues


Kryptos is providing the necessary platform or infrastructure to build the mobile apps.

Contact Details


I-Made Coordinator


Demo Request

Following are the benefits for an institution joining I-MADE program

  1. A mobile app with essential features for your institution at no cost
  2. An AppMaker for the institution and students to create apps. Further they can manage, edit and test those apps
  3. Training of students/staff/faculty on different aspects of mobile app development
  4. Practical exposure for mobile app development and better employability through App-a-Thons
  5. Tools to communicate with students, publish content, create and manage events, send alerts and notifications to students
  6. Upgraded technology infrastructure to stay competitive.


Features of the mobile app under I-MADE program are:

  1. Push Notification
  2. News
  3. Directory
  4. Anti-Ragging Helpline
  5. E-Notice Board

I-Made Website

How it Works

  1. Submit application by providing details of your college
  2. Application will be assessed by the TCOE officials and the coordinator will share the Award Letter and MoU via email
  3. Sign in the website(Credentials or how to sign in will be provided by the college authorities who will contact the i-MADE coordinator after signing MOU)
  4. Start creating the app
  5. Directly publish the app in the Playstore and Apple store.

Submit Application Link

Signup for kryptos

Disclaimer: Above data has been taken from government website for informative and education purposes.

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