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YouTube Kids – Explained – Tutorial

YouTube Kids I am going to explain you is mobile app provided by YouTube only for kids.

Today everybody is crazy about entertainment it may be by music, by videos, by prank, by learning new things. Everybody can directly go to YouTube and other video sharing sites can see the videos and entertain or learn by self.

youtube kids

However what about children, you cannot rely on these sites as these sites are now filled with many of the videos having adult content and the content which should not be watched by children.

To entertain the kids, YouTube has created a new mobile app named as YouTube Kids which is very useful for every parent as this YouTube Kids app have rhymes, stories, kids music but it also has videos which a child can see and learn easily as per growing age.

youtube kids

There is one more option which YouTube has provided that you can set time limit till the child can see i.e. it can be 30 mins or whatever you can set. Also you can set the passcode for the app.

You can search thousands of YouTube videos pertaining only to kids as per growing age.

youtube kids

To see how the Kids app works please watch the complete video.

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