How to use pushbullet

How to use pushbullet – In Hindi

How to use pushbullet this is what I am going to show you live demo and explain you in Hindi

Pushbullet is a service that acts like a bridge and very useful to send links, files, notifications and many more from mobile to desktop or vice versa.

How to use pushbullet

It’s like mirroring the things which you would like to push from one device to another, device can be your mobile(IOS, Windows, Android) or can be your any browser like Firefox, chrome, safari, Opera or internet explorer.

It’s a very useful tool when you have certain things which you would like to send from one device to another, it can be a URL, a SMS, an email, a file, a map etc.

How to use pushbullet

The tool is amazing and I would say better than others in the market. Even airdroid works only when devices are on same network, however the pushbullet works over internet so wherever you are in the world you can push links, sms, files etc. to other devices.

Main features of push bullet

1. Send links across devices
2. Send files from one device to another
3. Open an address in your maps app
4. Send and receive text messages
5. Sync your clipboard between devices
6. Follow interesting things
7. See your phone notifications

In the video you will find how to use push bullet across devices, I have tried to make video simple as possible so that a normal person can also understand.

Please watch the complete video for better understanding.

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