Microsoft Launcher - Arrow Launcher

How to use Microsoft launcher or Arrow Launcher – In Hindi

How to use Microsoft Launcher this is what I am going to show and explain you in my video.

Now a days if you search play store you will find many launcher like Nexus, APUS, GO launcher etc. some are paid and some are free. Many provides different features to make your android screen more beautiful or making mobile more useful by doing some look and feel design changes.

However there is one thing I would like to share that whatever launcher you download it kills the speed of your mobile and makes it slow.

Microsoft launcher

However some launchers will make it crazy slow to browse your mobile while some are good and make your mobile more responsive.

The default google launcher which comes with the pixel or nexus mobiles is one such example which is definitely build for android and is tested enough to provide excellent performance. As it does not have any crazy effects like other launchers and is simple to use.

Microsoft Launcher

Now I will not talk here about google launcher I will talk here about a launcher which was recently released by a renowned company Microsoft, yes you are right Microsoft.

The name of the launcher is “Microsoft Launcher” earlier it was called “Arrow launcher” and surprisingly I was amazed by its simplicity to use and brilliant performance.

Microsoft Launcher

The responsiveness Microsoft launcher provides to the mobile screen can be matched with google launcher or I will not feel shame in saying more than google launcher.

Microsoft not only provides best feature apps but also these apps are very useful, apart from this arrow launcher there is one mobile app which is SMS organizer which is very useful and provides a lot of functionality more than normal SMS apps, You can also try this.

In my video I will show you how to install and the “Microsoft Arrow Launcher” and use it in a better way to make your mobile look feel good.

Please watch the complete video.

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