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How to use bing desktop – windows 10 – Explained – In Hindi

How to use bing desktop in windows 10 this is what I am going to explain you in Hindi

Now in today’s world everybody has started using windows 10 and those people who are still using older versions of windows will be migrated to windows 10 soon.

There is a tool which Microsoft secretly provides and we can utilize that to make our life more easier instead of opening lots of webpages for common things.

bing desktop

The tool name is Bing desktop which can be installed on windows easily and can do many things in one place.

Features of Bing Desktop

1. Change your desktop wallpaper automatically on regular intervals as you decide.
2. Get Facebook updates on your desktop instead of opening webpages.
3. Check the weather on desktop.
4. Check the news on desktop.
5. One important thing that is search your things online without opening your webpages etc.

bing desktop

Main thing about this tool is that this is a free tool.

Without wasting time I will show you how to install the Bing desktop and use it.

Please watch the complete video for better understanding.


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