take medicine on time

How to take medicine on time – In Hindi

How to take medicine on time this is what I am going to explain you

In today’s world we are seeing many people are suffering from so many diseases and when we go to the doctor we get so many medicines to eat, but the problem is to eat medicines on time.

Sometimes we forgot to take the medicine and it could be very dangerous for the persons who are suffering from critical diseases and cannot afford to miss a single pill.

take medicine on time

So this video is blog and video is dedicated to all those people, I will be explaining the benefit of a mobile app which could be very much useful for us to remind the medicines even can record the data of sugar level, BP, calorie and much more.

You can record the measurements of sugar level(Diabetes), blood pressure , fever, calorie, triglyceride, cholesterol and many more into the app and after that you can have a consolidated report which you can share with your doctor which you can add in the app even with family members if you have add them as Med friend.

You can add notes in diary, you can add doctors’ appointments schedule so that app can remind you.

One of the benefit which I like the most was pill reminder(On a scheduled times) and you can set the colour and size of pill which is very useful for the persons who takes lot of medicines or older people who cannot read the prescription.

take medicine on time

If you use your google account for login all the reminders and appointments you can see in your calendar which I liked.
This way you can monitor your health and can have control on your health.

Many things you can do with the app, I have explain approx. all main features and I would request you to watch complete video to understand the app completely.

The app name is “medisafe“.

Please watch the complete video for better understanding.

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