save passwords securely

How to save passwords securely

How to save passwords securely this is what I am going to explain you

In today’s cyber world everything is protected with password whether it’s a mobile, email account, bank account, computer account or anything which is related to computer.

We always try to secure all the things with passwords complex ones so that our accounts cannot be hacked. And as a way of good practice we should use complex passwords that should include alphabets, numbers, special characters etc.

save passwords securely

For every account a new password it’s a very tedious task to remember all passwords and ultimately we try to have same password used in another accounts as well which is very risky, because if one of the account is compromised the other accounts can also easily be hacked.

 Situation can be very dangerous when using same password for all accounts. 

To avoid or overcome that situation we can use a simple application which not only saves all our passwords in an encrypted way but also has a ability to auto fill forms of all websites when its plugin is installed on the web browser.

save passwords securely

It not only saves the passwords but you can generate complex passwords, take encrypted notes, safe browsing in mobile via inbuilt browser and many more which I am going to explain in my video.

I am here talking about lastpass password manager which is not only a software but also a lifesaver, we can save all our passwords and we require only one master password to be remembered which will be used to open the software.

save passwords securely

One of the most important thing is that two factor authentication also can be set with lastpass for enhanced security. Many of the big organization employees are using this password manager.

I would request you to please watch the complete video so that you can understand the software in better way and use not only on your desktop but also on your mobile.

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