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How to run mobile on computer – In Hindi

How to run mobile on computer this is what I am going to explain you.

Hi Guys, today I will let you know two methods by which you can run mobile on computer.
Basically you can simulate your mobile screen or complete mobile on pc.

It may be required when somebody is doing application development and wants to simulate his android mobile on pc\laptop\desktop, it’s very much useful for them and can be done by using a third party tool named bluestacks.

mobile on computer

Using bluestacks you can test a newly build mobile app or application on android mobile which is very useful. Even you can run your mobile games on pc using bluestacks.

Note: Running bluestack on computer require adequate amount of memory minimum 4 GB RAM on your computer.

There are situations when you want to see the mobile screen streamed on your desktop\laptop. This can be achieved by a simple mobile app known as “screen mirror“.

I would request you to check the complete video and see how to use bluestacks and “screen mirror” Both software are free to use.

However bluestacks require a good amount of memory and cpu on your desktop\laptop to run, however that can also be solved if you enable intel VT virtualization on your bios of the desktop\laptop.

mobile on computer

For screen mirror it works directly and you can use your internet browser to see the mirror screen.

Please watch the complete video for better understanding.

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