How to run computer on mobile - In Hindi

How to run computer on mobile – In Hindi

How to run computer on mobile this is what i am going to explain and show you in my video.

Many people who are working today in IT industry or any industry in which we use the laptops, fortunately they sometimes need to travel out of town or may be abroad.

Sometimes they feel that somehow I should be able to access by home desktop\laptop to do some work or may be due to any reason to send some important file to someone etc. it can be any reason to access the home laptop\desktop.

Today we have solution to any problem which arises technically and one of the problem is mentioned above. To access your home pc\laptop from anywhere specifically from your mobile\tablet. How is that!!!

It will be great right to access your home pc from your mobile. This is possible by an application\software that is provided by google named as “chrome remote desktop”.

This basically is available as an extension to be installed in chrome browser and a mobile app available for iPhone\android phone which makes it possible to access your home computer from mobile, streaming your desktop on mobile.

For that to work you will have to install chrome remote desktop extension on your desktop google chrome browser and after doing that it will ask you to install small msi file of chrome software which you will install and enable remote desktop in that to allow the connections.

One mail important thing is that you will have to login in chrome with same google or Gmail account which you have set in your android phone playstore.

You will have to configure a security pin as well which will be later required.

After configuring the extension in desktop now in mobile install the chrome remote desktop app and login with the same account which is used to sign in chrome browser.

After that in mobile you will see your desktop\laptop name and click on that to connect provide your security pin and here you go you will be able to see your desktop on mobile.

You can use mouse and keyboard also in mobile

To have a complete understanding like how to configure and run computer on mobile, please watch the complete video.

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