record secret videos

How to record secret videos using mobile

How to record secret videos using mobile this is what I am going to explain you

Many times we have seen that in real life situation arises where we want to record the things people are saying on back of your, or there can be a situation where you want to see what your children are doing on your back on home, or maybe you want to see what your maid is doing when you are not there at home with your children.

record secret videos

It will be costly affair to purchase cctv cameras for such short situations. Instead today all the mobiles are having camera available and with the help of mobile app you can record secret videos.

Even when your phone will look like in lock screen mode but in the background it will be recording the videos.

record secret videos

I will be sharing the android app which will record secret videos and is beneficial to many people.

Its very easy to use and very handy in such situations when you want to spy also. The best of this is that this is an mobile app and you can easily use it hassle free.

You just have to make it on and click on record button, after that just close the phone and keep in your hand so that you can easily record things around you without even knowing it to everybody.

record secret videos

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