How to increase your Internet speed - Details - Explained - In Hindi

How to increase your Internet speed – Details – Explained – In Hindi

Today I am going to tell you about how to increase your internet speed easily, I will explain you in details and in Hindi.

Many times we have seen the internet connection we have taken is very fast but we are not getting that speed which actually should come.
There may be numerous reasons for it, may be the load on Wi-Fi router is much or may be somebody is using our internet and we are not aware.

However there can be technical reasons due to which speed may be low like signal strength is poor, or Wi-Fi router is not performing not up to that mark.
There are some tips by which speed of the internet can be increased and many of us are not aware about it.

You can see in WIFI Router website that who all are connected to your Wi-Fi. So that you can see somebody you don’t know is connected to your Wi-Fi. I will let you know how to access your WIFI router console.

The tips which I am going to share with you are :

1. Using alternate DNS servers:
The DNS servers which are automatically configured by our internet service provider are not that much great may be so there we have options to configure DNS servers like OpenDNS or Google DNS servers which are very fast and secure. Below servers we can configure and there are chances that your internet speed will increase.

Open DNS Servers

Google DNS Servers

2. Checking WIFI channels using nearby WIFI hotspots:
We have seen that nowadays many people use Wi-Fi and we have seen in our computer or pc that many Wi-Fi points are available when our PC search for it. However there are chances that those people are using the same channel range and which may be a hindrance to our Wi-Fi range and is causing low speed of our internet.
There is a tool to check the WIFI information and channel they are using nearby named as wifi_information_view by nirsoft. It’s a free tool and we will use it to see the channels and I will show you how to change channel in our router to use a different one.

WIFI channels viewer

3. Changing the IEEE WIFI protocol if running of low speed:
Even now a days people use very old routers or routers configured by some other person and we are not aware about any setting. However there is one setting in which we can see the router using a standard protocol which may be different it should be as per our internet speed. As per IEEE standards the WIFI protocol is changing and is getting advance day by day with increasing speed and functionalities. Changing this protocol to the latest if your router supports will increase your internet speed definitely.

IEEE Standards Protocol Information

The above methods are very useful if people are not aware that they can actually increase the speed of your Wi-Fi.

Please watch the complete video for proper understanding.

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