How to increase RAM of your computer using Pen Drive - Live Demo - Step by Step - Explained - In Hindi

How to increase RAM of your computer using Pen Drive – Live Demo – Step by Step – Explained – In Hindi

How to increase RAM of your computer using Pen Drive this is what I am going to explain you with live demo in Hindi.

We all know that to increase RAM on your computer you have to purchase the memory cards which costs in thousands, however many people don’t know the concept if virtual memory of page file.

Basically when we run programs and software’s on our computer the memory from memory cards are consumed however as if there is more requirement of memory than that memory in the form of pages are being written to your local hard disks which is used.

However many people having computer don’t know about this and eventually many computers are still using SATA hard disks which are very lesser in speed in compare to SSDs.

So I will tell you basically using pen drive\flash drive we will be increasing the page file or virtual memory of our PC which will not only increase the speed of our pc by writing pages in pen drive\flash drive but also a very cheaper way to increase computer speed.

Obviously this can only be used when we are not going to purchase the memory card for our pc for short term. This solution is beneficial for short term.

Also one more important thing after configuring all the things you don’t have to remove pen drive from your pc, if you remove it your pc will not boot as it will be requiring the pen drive which was attached while configuring the virtual memory.

Note : If you want to remove the pen drive from pc better you reconfigure the virtual memory settings and remove pagefile\virtual memory from pendrive and reboot the pc. After this you can remove pen drive.

Virtual Memory\Pagefile to be configured

As per Microsoft the recommended pagefile we can set for PC\Computer is 1.5-2 times the RAM of the computer i.e. if your computer belongs to earlier versions before Windows Vista then we can have pagefile to be 1.5 times the RAM of computer and if your Windows is after Vista version i.e. Windows Vista\7\10 then you can configure pagefile on your computer 2 times the RAM of computer.

One more thing need to configure is that if you have RAM in your computer between 1-4GB then you will configure pagefile as below:
C Drive = 1 GB = 1024 MB
Rest in additional drive i.e. pendrive\flashdrive (will calculate below)

If you have RAM is between >5GB
C Drive = 4 GB = 4.96 GB
Rest in additional drive i.e pendrive\flashdrive (will calculate below)

How to calculate Rest that is what actually we should configure in flash\pen drive

As discussed above if we have computer with Windows XP with 2 GB RAM
Then we can have total pagefile as 1.5*2=3GB
However as my total RAM of computer is between 1-4GB
So in C Drive we will be having pagefile as 1GB i.e. 1024 GB
And in Flash drive we can have maximum page file as 3GB – 1GB = 2GB

Another example if we have computer installed with windows 10 having total RAM as 16 GB my machine example.
We will be having total pagefile would be 2*total ram of computer as discussed above(my computer is Windows 10) = 32 GB
So in C Drive we would be having 4 GB as pagefile because total RAM in my PC is greater than 5 GB,
Now in flash\pen drive the page file will be 32 GB – 4 GB(already in C Drive) = 28 GB.

Note : So we can give 28 GB maximum in pendrive but as I was having flash drive with free space of only around 5GB I have given just to show you only 4GB as pagefile in flash drive.
Also to do not confuse you I have not given pagefile in C Drive and let it remain as System Managed.

In all steps which I am going to show you will requiring reboot of computer.

Please watch the complete video for proper understanding.

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  2. Do keep in mind that a pen drive will be several times slower than a RAM module. I would personally recommend spending a bit more on getting actual RAM. Unless you already have a pen drive lying around and you desperately need a bit more memory to work with.

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