How to get technical details of any website – Live Demo – Step by Step – Explained – In Hindi

Today I am going to show you that how to get technical details of any website with the live demo, explained in step by step mode in Hindi.

We all want to know that a particular website is getting very high traffic, how it’s made of what kind of hosting does it have, what CMS it is using, what is the framework is it using and many more things.

Generally, we can’t have this much information when we search about a site in google, however, there is one website which makes this process for us very easier.

The site is

It will provide various things as per below:

• Web Server Details
• Hosting Providers
• Nameserver Providers
• Content Management Systems
• Framework used information
• Advertising information
• Analytics and Tracking information
• Widget\Plugin information
• Content Delivery Network information
• Server information and much more

Products I use
Samson Go Mic
Pop filter
Microsoft Office 365
UPS for my desktop
My phone
Memory Card
Digital Pen

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