check your computer problems

How to check your computer problems easily by yourself – Explained – In Hindi

How to check your computer problems easily by yourself this is what I am going to explain you in Hindi and will give live demo

Today everybody has a computer in the form of desktop, laptop, or pc and everybody is using either for the personal purpose or professional purpose.

Even people are using but they are not aware that if any small problem arises how to solve them by yourself without going outside for any repair shop or taking help from any other people.

check your computer problems

There are many things that a normal computer user can check and find out and can easily resolve the issues related to its computer.

Many times the problem can be so small that its irrelevant to take help from people outside and spent unnecessary money.

I will let you know the basic things which we can check and determine if there is any issue running on your computer or why is it running slow.

The basic things which I am going to tell does not require any technical expertise anybody can see those and can find out if there is any issue running on your computer for example anything related to security compromised on your computer or any software or program creating issue, or why my computer running slow and even you can check the history of your computer for example if there is any other suspicious activity on your computer any unwanted program installed on your computer.

check your computer problems

My focus will be on for those people who does not have computer knowledge except just running computer for entertainment purposes or for small business (if they are running from there computer).

The few basic things which we can check on computer are as below, please watch by complete video do not miss anything…

1. How to check event viewer of computer, what it is, how it works, how we can use it to identify computer issues.
2. How to check performance of live computer using task manager and how to use it efficiently
3. Why my computer is slow, issues related to disk spaces, unwanted programs or software’s
4. Compromised security with your computer how to check.

To check event viewer go to search and type “eventvwr” or by right click on “This PC” or “My computer icon” (in old version of windows) and click on “Manage

To check task manager right click on task bar and click on “task manager

Please watch the complete video for better understanding.

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