Real Time Air Quality Index

How to check real time air quality index (AQI)

How to check real time air quality index this is what I am going to explain you in Hindi

As we have seen currently the air pollution rise above the harmful level in India specifically in Delhi\NCR level.

The main reasons which were specified for the pollution were crackers burn during Diwali festival, burnout of agriculture land so that farmers can sow the seeds again for next season and the last was pollution from vehicles which in turn is the most important reason.

Real Time Air Quality Index

The air was so much polluted already that the smog formation by the change in season made it more disastrous and very difficult to breadth. All the polluted particles were in suspended state in the atmosphere as there was no wind at all the time.

 It was very difficult to breath and to go outside, people were using masks. 

However to check the air quality we were seeing the news that how much pollution is there in the city. But we can check the air quality from a website.

The most important thing about this website is that it not only tell us about the air quality index from all over the world(Important cities of the countries) but it also provide weather information about the particular city.

Real Time Air Quality Index

I was amazed that it provides live data of the air quality index, which is quite useful for the people who are traveling abroad or on different cities if they have issues with the air which is polluted like some people having allergy or any disease which can cause harm while breathing in polluted air.

There is a website naming aqicn from where you can see real time air quality index of approx every city in the world.

Mobile app is also available for this website for IOS and Android which people can use and can get live information.

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