How to calculate investments returns and emi easily

How to calculate investments returns and emi easily – Explained – In Hindi

How to calculate investments returns and emi easily this is what I am going to tell you in easy way in Hindi

In today’s world there are many apps and websites which provide the capability to calculate investments, returns and EMI.

However many of them does not solve our purpose only some of them do. For example some will calculate only EMI some will calculate only fixed deposit investments and returns.

What it would be if the calculations done by app would provide the reports in graphs, pdfs and we will be able to save them. Also the rate of interest(roi) should be mentioned in calculation which is applicable currently by default by the app.

Calculate investments, returns and emi

Calculation of “suraksha samridhi yojana” returns and choosing if I do this much investments and I will get this much returns. Calculation of fixed deposits, RDs and various return calculation.

There is one app which provides us the calculation of returns expected on different schemes of government, returns on fixed or recurring deposits, EMI calculation etc.

This application I am recommending as I tried approximately all other apps available in market however this app was giving me results on which I was satisfied.

Calculate investments, returns and emi

If you would like to check the mobile app which provides all such facility to provide easy way to do calculations before investing in any product or taking any loan please do check my video.

I will appreciate if you can see the complete video for all the information mentioned about app like how to install and how to use it easily.

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