How Does the Internet Work - Explained - Step by Step - Details - In Hindi

How Does the Internet Work – Explained – Step by Step – Details – In Hindi

How Does the Internet Work this is what I am going to explain you step by step in Hindi.

We use internet on regularly basis now a days the internet has become lifeline of everything in this world.
However very few people know that actually how does it work. It’s not very difficult to understand that how does it work, let me tell you in easiest way.

The main points we would like to know before going to understand this topic are what is IP address, server, DNS server, router etc. which I have already explained in details in my earlier videos.

Internet is basically an open platform where information in terms of data is exchange among different computers at the speed of light.

How Does the Internet Work

Every computer\server has a unique ip address, when an information is requested with the help of internet browser, the request is sent to the particular website name which is ultimately resolves by the DNS servers which you can say hosts the IP address or unique address to their names.

Now after reaching the DNS server the requests know the correct server IP from where it will get the relevant information it reaches the server which hosts the information and gets it in the form of Data which is subdivided in the form of packets with having requestor address written over top of them. Through different routes the packets travel and reaches the requestor computer where the data is accumulated and shown on the internet browser.

Top level root DNS servers: Verisign USC-ISI Cogent Communications University of Maryland NASA Internet Systems Consortium Defense Info Systems Agency US Army Research Lab Netnod Verisign RIPE NCC ICANN WIDE Project

ICANN – Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers

Please watch the complete video for proper understanding.

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  1. You might also want to mention the hardware basics of how the Internet works. Like underground cables, satellites, and things like that. I think that it’s a very interesting subject and surprisingly, many people don’t know about it.

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