Best Mobile App to Hide Private Photos & Videos

Best Mobile App to Hide Private Photos & Videos

Best mobile app to hide private photos & videos this is what I am going to explain you in Hindi

We all have a few or hundreds of photos or even videos in our smartphones and there may be many photos which we don’t like other people would see.

Sometimes when your friend or relative take your phone you feel very frustrated and embarrassed or there are times when we show someone family photos and accidentally end up showing private photos or sensitive images or videos.

Hide Private Photos & Videos

To prevent that from happening or to save yourself from such embarrassments, fortunately there are some beautiful apps that will hide sensitive photos & videos from your photo gallery.

Some applications will also hide your mobile apps and provides cloud storage as well for the sensitive photos or videos.

There is one such application named as vault which is very easy to use.

Hide Private Photos & Videos


In my video I will show you the installation and usage of Vault mobile app.

Please watch the complete video to understand how to use the app.

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