How to use HDFC Chillr App efficiently

How to use HDFC Chillr App efficiently

How to use HDFC Chillr App efficiently by both shop owner(Merchant) and customer this is what I am going to explain you step by step.

Currently in the market paytm, mobikwik and freecharge are the leaders of the mobile wallet but there is another app which is available to send, receive money and doing recharges, may be this app does not provide all services like others but we cannot ignore this app in current scenario.

I am currently talking about the “Chillr” app. Chillr is a multi-bank mobile banking app that lets users send and receive money to/from anyone in their phone book. Chillr differentiates from online wallets as all fund transactions are between bank accounts.

HDFC Chillr App

So the transfer and usage of money happens directly from your bank account no need to add any amount from your savings account to anywhere.

Chillr is the fastest and easiest way to send money between bank accounts and works even on bank holidays means working anytime. It is linked directly to your bank account to offer the below services:

1. Pay
2. Collect
3. Utilities payment
4. Splitting bills
5. Scan and Pay to merchant

In my video I will show you how to link your account directly using mmid with Chillr and start your transactions in an easy way. You can use the chillr app not only on mobile but also on desktop on its website. Currently all banks are partnered with Chillr.

HDFC Chillr App

Main advantage of this app is that it does not charge any money for any transactions done(Send money, receive money, merchant payment etc.) except the bank charges. You can also check the fees.

Register as a merchant for using Chillr also you can check the Partner Banks List here

In my video I will show you how to install Chillr and use it properly.

Please watch the complete video for proper understanding.

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