How to File GSTR-1

How to File GSTR-1 – Return Filing – Easily – Step By Step Tutorial

Today I will show you how to file GSTR-1 return. I will explain you with step by step instructions.

Let’s login to the Returns Dashboard on GST services website.

After login select the Financial Year and Month, as I am filing it for Jan-Feb-Mar GSTR-1 a quarterly return. You can choose any of the months for the quarter you are filing the return.

Now click on Search

How to File GSTR-1

Now After that on next screen you can see GSTR-1 Option. And we will click on “Prepare Online” Under that.

How to File GSTR-1

You will get a new screen and on this screen you will get your company details and GSTIN number along with some fields which I will show you how to fill.

How to File GSTR-1

Just follow two things if we have a transaction of more than 2.5 lakhs we have to fill details in Large Invoices and if we are doing B2B transaction meaning if I am selling things to another business entity.

Suppose if I am doing B2C (Business to Consumer) transaction like we do in ecommerce business we list our products in Amazon\Flipkart etc. then we will have to show it in B2C Transactions.

How to File GSTR-1 Return

So here for my example I sold one item on Amazon in month of January which I will update here.

However all the items which has been sold from Jan to March i will have to show in GSTR-1 which I am filing on March and as I selected quarterly filing earlier.

You have to select monthly filing if your turnover is greater than 1.5 crore. Then you have to file GSTR-1 every month.

Note: If you have selected accidentally Monthly filing if your turnover is less than 1.5 Crore then leave it as it is as you can’t change it now. No worries just file GSTR-1 every month and in next fiscal year you will get the option to change it in Month of April.

So back to topic, you can see my invoice generated from Amazon as I sold single item in Jan and nothing other than that from Jan – Mar so I will fill that only.

Here we have to note that Taxable Value is the Value on which Tax will be applied. So my Taxable Value is Under Unit Price because after applying tax of 3% i.e. 15.44 the total value becomes Rs 530.

We also have to note the invoice number from this which is “IN-2”.

Tax Rate is 3% here.

how to file gst return in india

As I am selling it directly to consumer I will click on “7 – B2C – Others” Option and will do the entry as show for the item. POS (Point of Sale) is where your client is located, where you have shipped the item.

How to File GSTR-1

After adding the item entry just save the item.

How to File GSTR-1 return online

Now you can add other items also if you have sold by “ADD DETAILS” from above as shown.

Now we have to provide the item detail which we have sold.

Go to 12- HSN -Wise Summary, Here we will fill the Outward supplies.

How to File GSTR-1

Add the details of the item and save. This is how you will see. You can get the HSN code from the cleartax site.

In UQC you have to provide how your item is measured  like in KG, Set or anything. You will also have to fill the Taxable Value, Total Value and Integrated Tax as shown.

How to File GSTR-1


How to File GSTR-1

Now we will have to provide the documents which were issued against the order. We just have to provide some details of invoice number.

As we sold only one item with Invoice number is IN-2. We will put same number in both from and two. And in Total number as 1. Under cancelled as 0 as none of the item was returned or cancelled.

Example: If you have more than 1 invoice like if you have 5 invoice starting from IN-2 till IN-6 then in From we will put IN-2 and in To we will put IN-6 and in total we will put 5.

How to File GSTR-1 return online

Now save it.


file gstr-1 return

After click it will take some time to refresh and check the data is filled correctly

File GSTR-1

Now you will see the details which you have filled is showing in 7, 12 and 13 number Box, you might not see at the time you filled and press Back button so be patient. Just Click on GENERATE GSTR1 SUMMARY and wait for it. Some for 2-3 mins and refresh the page.

How to File GSTR-1

After that now Click on Checkbox of I acknowledge and Click on SUBMIT, You can also PREVIEW your filled details.

GSTR-1 Return file

After that you will get warning that you can’t change the Data. Click on Proceed.


You will get a message in Green color that request has been received check the status after sometime, SO I would suggest to wait for 15- 20 Mins.

How to File GSTR-1 return

After sometime again go to Return dash board and you will see that its showing your GSTR-1 is SUBMITTED. Now we are going to file it.

FIle GSTR return online

After Clicking on FILE GSTR1 you will get anew screen as shown below in which Click on FILE RETURN

File GSTR-1

You will get option to file either with DSC(Digital Signature Certificate) or by EVC(OTP on mobile mode).

Sometimes it shows EVC I have seen and it’s easy to file it with OTP only. Now its showing File With DSC. So after Clicking on that attach your DSC pen drive.

how to file GSTR-1 return

You will get a Proceed Screen just click on that. It will ask for your sign by providing your DSC password.

How to File GSTR-1

Now in green you will get message that your GSTR-1 has been successfully submitted.

GSTR-1 Submit Online

You can check the status also in Return Dashboard.

How to File GSTR-1

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  1. This is what I am looking for. Thanks a lot. Many accounting firms asked me to pay Rs. 1000/- for each return filing GSTR-1, GSTR-2 and GSTR-3B separately for each month!

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